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  • For “Mirror Neurons and Simulations” assignment:
  • Mirror Neurons and Simulation
    Based on the three papers in your readings: Ramachandran, Decety & Grezes, and Tomasello, write an essay about the evolution of the human mind and brain. What makes humans different from other animals in terms of our ability to communicate and cooperate extensively and to use our imaginations to simulate reality in order to understand ourselves and others?

    Explain what mirror neurons are and discuss the implications of the role they have played in the evolution of consciousness and empathy.

    Briefly describe the different accounts of the concept of simulation and what they share in common. Describe the different kinds of evidence from neurobiology and psychology that support a direct connection between the mechanisms that are responsible for one’s own actions and the perception of the actions of others. Include in your essay some specific studies in regard to imaging emotions, pain, or self-awareness.

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