In Section B3. Options, you are asked to describe some options the Decision Maker has when you present your policy proposal. What choices/options does the Decision Maker have when they hear your proposal? You need to identify at least 2 options. The first option is often to do nothing…The decision maker has the option of reading your policy proposal and deciding to just leave things as they are currently (the status quo). Why do you think this option is not a good option for your state?
A second option might be to support and pass your policy proposal. Again, you would provide your rationale – Why would your Policy (the 2nd option) be the very best for your state?
Based on the evaluator’s note, you only identified one option (proposing a bill regarding Mandatory Overtime). What options doesGovernor Kasich have regarding the policy change?
In section B4. Course of Action, you are asked to write recommendations for addressing/reducing the Challenges you identified in section B2. What might your Decision Maker (Governor Kasich) do to address those challenges? What would you recommend the Governor do to overcome the challenges of “sluggishness of the legislature, the nursing shortage, and “lack of political will?

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