PART I: Use the format below to develop a leadership SMART goal for YOURSELF (SMART GOAL FOR ME is “Working in Interprofessional Teams”) not your organization or department.
The goal needs to be related to ONE of the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) quality initiative, which includes five core healthcare profession competencies.
However, your assignment focuses on only two (2) of the initiatives. These are Patient-Centered Care or Working in Interdisciplinary and/or Interprofessional Teams.
One of these competencies will serve as a framework for identification of your leadership goal.
NOTE: Your two choices are:
1. Patient-Centered Care
2. Working in Interdisciplinary and/or Interprofessional Teams (The section in highlighted YELLOW is the section that I want you as the Writer to develop and write about)
SMART Goal Format:
S—Specific (Who, besides YOU is involved in your goal, what is YOUR goal, and where will it take place?) – I work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Medical Services Bureau as a Registered Nurse,
M—Measurable (How are YOU going to achieve the goal?)
A—Attainable (What resources and/or experts are available to assist YOU with attaining your goal?)
R—Realistic (Is YOUR goal something that is realistically obtainable by YOU in YOUR professional practice? Explain.) – I work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Medical Services Bureau as a Registered Nurse, and I currently work with several professionals of different professions and/or disciplines; i.e., Certified Nursing Assistants, Respiratory Therapist, Dentist, Dental Assistants, Radiologist, Phlebotomist, etc. With each health care professional having different scope of practice, skill sets, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, values, and cultures.
T—Time bound (What specific dates or weeks will YOU accomplish each task related to YOUR leadership goal?) – For the sake of this paper we shall set the date for Sunday May 22, 2016.
Again, this goal is about YOUR (ME) leadership development…not a SMART goal for your department or the organization for which you work.

PART II: Decision making, change and strategic planning are all important in today’s healthcare settings. (Finkelman, Anita. (2011). Leadership and Management for Nurses, 2nd Edition, Chapter 3, Pages 62 – 81)
• Explain which is more relevant and support the explanation with an example.
• Should change lead to strategic planning?
• Should strategic planning lead to change?

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