Read the Chapter 7 pages that are attached; then answer the “Questions for this Chapter Assignment” found below, highlighted in YELLOW. This must be of in your own words.

PLEASE answer questions in essay form (minimum of 20 sentences).

No Quotes may be used as this does not tell me you have an understanding of the material. Instead of quoting, talk about what the person said.

You may use additional Internet sources that you are given or that you find.

NOTE* Use some of the Glossary words at the end of this paper in your writings. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT.

Questions for Chapter #7 Assignment:

[Use book and online resources.]

. Describe Herbert Spencer’s Social Darwinism, explaining how and why American embraced it so earnestly.

William James, although not a true functionalist was a strong forerunner of it. What did James feel was the subject matter of psychology and the method of research? What importance did James put on consciousness and what were the characteristics of consciousness?
What does bio–determinism mean in regard to women and education in the U.S. in the late 1800s? What was the Variability Hypothesis and how was it refuted

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