Wherever you are within the RN-to-BSN Program, you have come in contact

with American Psychological Association (APA) format. As you recall,

this is the citing and referencing system used when publishing in most

peer-reviewed journals. Also, recall that peer-reviewed journals are

those that are reviewed by experts in the field prior to publishing in

said journal.

We have heard from many of you wondering why the RN-to-BSN Program requires and grades APA format in your writing assignments.Your Capstone project in your final course prior to graduation will

require APA format. When your Capstone is complete, you are about 70%

along the way to having material suitable for publishing. Wouldn’t that

be a nice addition to your resume? If you pursue higher education, APA

will be required as a part of that educational track as well. Finally,

there is publishing as a part of your professional role. Thus far, you

have explored several peer-reviewed journals. Have you noticed that many

articles are written by practicing nurses?Your assigned Discussion Forum is as follows.

Please consult your favorite professional journal and search for “Author

Guidelines.” Attach the guidelines to the Discussion Forum along with

your discussion content (we will set Moodle to accept 1 attachment). The

Discussion Forum itself will include your comments on the following:DIRECTIONS1. Why would a practicing nurse want to publish?

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