1) Compare and contrast two EBP models.

2)  Discuss which would most likely work in your agency or clinical unit.

3) Explain why one model would work better than the other with your colleages or you organizational culture.

4) Supports your answer with reference


1)ACE Star Model

2) ARRC Model

3) Iowa Model

4) Johns Hopkins EBP Model

5) Stetler Model

Discussion question 1)How do you perceive managers and leaders use the problem-solving steps differently?

Discussion question 2)

Why do you perceive that critical thinking skills are essentials for effective practice of nursing?

Question description

Submit by the due date and time listed in your syllabus.


This assignment will allow you to create an evidence-based practice project that includes the development of a PICO question and follows the initial steps of the Iowa Model.You will share your findings using an APA formatted paper.

Submitting your assignment

  • Save this document to your desktop as a Word document.
  • Open the document from your desktop and review the assignment instructions and grading rubric.
  • Create a separate Word document for your paper.
  • Return to Blackboard and upload your paper and your nursing research article that was approved by your coach in Module 2 to the assignment submission link in Module Four. Please note: if you forget to upload your nursing quantitative research article, a 5 point penalty will be applied to your paper.


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