Please answer in details in 4 to 6 sentences.


Question 1 of 6
1. Which of the following components is NOT a part of prejudice?
a. emotional
b. political
c. cognitive
d. behavioral
Explain your reason for selecting this answer.
Question 2 of 6
2. Jorge states, “I always knew that guy Johnson was a sneak. I’m not at all surprised that they finally caught him stealing money out of the cash drawer.” Jorge’s statement is best thought of as an example of:
a. an authoritarian personality.
b. hindsight bias.
c. the psychology of inevitability.
d. mutual interdependence.
Why is this the best answer?
Question 3 of 6
3. According to Jacobs and Eccles, what is the best way for mothers to encourage their daughters to develop strong math skills?
Question 4 of 6
Article 32
4. Social identity theory suggests that people make comparisons between others like themselves (in-group) and others who are dissimilar to themselves (out-group). What did Fein and Spencer determine about these sorts of comparisons in their studies?
Question 5 of 6
Personal Relevance
5. What is your current understanding of meaning of the word “scapegoat”? Have you always understood the meaning of the word? Describe any early impressions you had at a much younger age as to what a “scapegoat” was. Give an example of a scapegoat.
Question 6 of 6
6. Summarize the most effective strategy when it comes to changing deeply rooted attitudes and behavior.

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