This is a self exploration paper on family transitions which I have written in essay format. The writer would read my essay provide an appropriate thesis(you may have to change the one I have written. Then, read the entire essay and make it look more professionally written do not change the idea but change the writing style. After which you would answer some questions in the end minimum of 4 pages. Questions: why did you choose this topic. 2)What was the most difficult part of exploring this area? why? 3)what did you discover(this part carries the most mark) 4)Which concept from the course(not just the topic)do you understand better now that you have completed this report? Discuss. 5)After completion of your report, what different area of study,(regarding psychology of the family)do you feel you would like to explore further? why? 6)At the end of the assignment write a brief conclusion.Note writer has two duties 1)To change my writing style for my essay and idea remains the same. 2)To answer all six questions. Additional Files would be uploaded.

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