Reflective paper: PURPOSE: Reflect on learning and professional growth. DIRECTIONS: Write a one to two page reflective paper using APA style. Reflect on and explain how your participation in this course contributed to your achievement of the freshman level program outcome for leadership/interdisciplinary teamwork (Please see the leadership/interdisciplinary freshmen level outcome below: LEADERSHIP / INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAMWORK      Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior/BS Outcome   Develop beginning leadership skills for the delivery of safe and effective care. Prioritize the delivery of safe and effective care for patients with various levels of healthcare needs. Demonstrate beginning leadership skills as a team member in the delivery of safe and effective patient care. Collaborate with the interdisciplinary team in the delivery of patient-centered care in complex healthcare environments.     The goal for this paper will be for you to develop beginning leadership skills for the delivery of safe and effective care. Please respond to the questions below when writing your reflective paper: • What does this level outcome for leadership/interdisciplinary teamwork mean? • What knowledge or skills did you gain from this course and how does that knowledge/skill relate to the level outcome? • What assignments, activities, or experiences helped you achieve the level outcome? • What type of leadership style did you observe in your clinical settings? • What type of leadership style do feel is ideal for nursing environments? This assignment is pass or fail. Please see the rubric below for guidance as you write your paper. You must complete the assignment in order to pass the course. DUE DATE: April 30, 2016  Reflection Essay Rubric  Criteria  Expectation  Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory   Comments  Reflects on personal and professional growth. • Explains how the course has shaped personal knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes, especially those related to nursing. Correlates course activities with the level objective. • Identifies specific learning experiences, activities, and/or assignments from the course that relate to the level objective. • Explains how these experiences, activities, and/or assignments relate to the level objective.   Demonstrates achievement of the level objective. • Explains how personal knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes developed through the course demonstrate that he or she has achieved the level objective. • Provides examples of individual performance(s) in the course which validate that he or she exhibits the behaviors defined in the level objective.  Presentation  •

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