What is the significance of the problem/issue to current or future nursing practice
To complete this course, you must submit a Final Project (Concept Paper) report for grading by your faculty. This Final Project will count for 30% of your grade in this course.

8-10 pages, APA format with proper citations, grammer, pagination, etc.

This concept paper presents the student’s proposed research agenda, complete with rationale as to why the researh topic was chosen. It is the first “Benchmark” for completing the Major Applied Research Paper which will be due during the Research Practicum Course for your specialty.

Title of the Research Concept Paper:_____________________________________________
Introduction and Rationale to the concept paper and should include:

Definition of the nursing problem/issue
What is the significance of the problem/issue to current or future nursing practice
Explain the expected outcome
Review of Literature
Provide a brief historical review of the nursing problem or issue
Write a brief summary of the review of the relevant literature that supports the identification and definition of the research problem/issue (The annotated bibliography created throughout this course should serve as an excellent contribution).
Identify an appropriate nursing theory that supports the research problem/issue
Research Question/Hypothesis
A statement of the research aims/questions/hypothesis for your proposed research project in a format appropriate for the research design. This section should also include the description of variables and operational definitions (if appropriate)
Ethical Concerns and Human Rights
Identify any ethical issues you would anticipate will need to be addressed in gaining approval to undertake this project for the recruitment and participation of your subjects/participants from an appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB)

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