A force of 100 N acts in a direction at an angle of 30(degrees) with the x-axis. What is the magnitude of the x-component of the force?

Two movers are pushing a large crate along the ground, one with a force of 30 N east and the other with a force of 40 N north. The crate does not move. What is the magnitude of the force of static friction?

A runner moving at a speed of 10.0 m/s rounds a bend with a 20.0 m radius. What is the centripetal acceleration that she experiences?

The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Mars is gmars= 3.7 m/s^2. How much would an 11 kg bags of potatoes weigh on Mars?

A 1,560 kg car is accelerating at 1.30 m/s^2. What net force acts on the car?

An airplane travels southwest a distane of 650 km at a velocity of 430 km/h. How long does the trip take in hours?

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