Nursing 208: LPN to BS TransitionYour APA Topic Paper will cover two very important aspects and course objectives of this course including:
1. The LPN/LVN to RN Transition and
2. APA Formatting/Transition into scholarly writing.In this paper you will explore major role differences between an LPN and RN and demonstrate your ability to use APA formatting. In addition scholarly writing to demonstrate a transition to professional writing will also be evaluated. You will utilize two resources including:
1. Your LPN to RN Transitions: Achieving success in your new role textbook and
2. The selected article by Melrose et al. (2012) found here paper should include the following four key areas:
1. Introduction
2. Three major role differences between an LPN and RN particularly those with a BS degree.
3. Strategies and suggestions to the transiting LPN/LVN in order to succeed with their new role as a BS prepared RN.
4. ConclusionThis paper should be no more than three pages in length not including your title page and reference page. Although I will be looking at the content of your paper more importantly I am looking for your ability to write scholarly with spelling and grammar errors including APA formatting. Please see the attached grading rubric to achieve all points.

by Douglas E. Miller |

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