Reproductive Physiology




1. How do you detect if a cow is in estrus?

2. Describe the steps involved when practicing artificial insemination. What is
an advantage of artificial insemination? How can semen be stored or

3. What are the primary structures of the female reproductive tract?

4. What are the primary structures of the male reproductive tract?

5. Provide two facts or concepts you found interesting.

Please follow the link below. Take the quiz, and even if you get the answer
correct watch each video.

Watch the video titled ‘OSU Beef Barn Tour’ which can be found in the Week
2 folder.

Please follow the link below to learn about the digestive systems of swine and


1. From a nutritional standpoint, do daily requirements for livestock stay
same on a daily basis? If not, what factors change these requirements and
must be taken into consideration (if any)?

2. Name the four compartments of the ruminant stomach.

3. Provide a brief explanation of what happens (in swine) after feed is ingested
and enters their digestive tract.

4. Provide a brief explanation (from start to finish) of the digestive process of
poultry. What three structures replace the stomach?

5. Provide two facts or concepts you found interesting.

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