Learning objective 3: Given a competition-driven workplace where the leader is aware of important changes that may affect the market and alter the structure of the organization, assess the need for a vision, and factors contributing to organizational climate and power while considering the importance of values and ethics in the workplace.

One large takeaway from this class for me was the impact of treating employees as more than just that, an employee, has on a corporation and working environment. During weeks 3, 4, and 5 we discussed values, personality, employee needs and motivation in depth. It really opened my eyes as to how important making employees number one is. I really enjoyed the article assigned in week 3, Examining the relationship between workplace satisfaction and productivity by Samuel Edwards. Happy employees are driven, dedicated, and have a sense of pride is what they do (Edwards, 2015). His realness and honesty on how happy employees are a worthwhile investment was a fantastic read. One of my classmates mentioned that in nursing we don’t want a cheap mug or pizza party every now and then as appreciation. We want better staff/patient ratios and to actually take a lunch break! If I am in a leadership role in the future, I know that I will want to create a close, open, and honest family environment. I have seen how this environment works in one of the clinics I work in and it is works well. Taking care of my people, treating them with respect, and raising their morale. I know it isn’t as easy as it sounds though..
Being conscious of my own values in regards to leadership readiness is something I did not really consider before this class. Values are important elements of leadership character because they affect everything a person does or is (Manning & Curtis, 2015). The week 3 team assignment and browsing the Great Place to Work website was enjoyable for me. I liked reading about all of these fantastic companies and their values. It created a better understanding for me as to how important we (employees) are to a company. There are in fact corporations with concern for the “little guy”. Honesty was one of the values I seemed to notice as a pattern on all the top companies to work for. Honesty is more than just deception. It also means not making promises you cannot keep, not misrepresenting facts and data, not hiding behind half-truths and evasions, not avoiding accountability for your actions (Manning & Curtis, 2015). This is one of my weaknesses, telling people no or made criticisms in fear of hurting others feelings. This goes hand in hand with my minimal experience in the leadership role. My dad grilled his golden rule into me as a child; treat people as you want to be treated. Don’t tell my father he was right! 🙂 I am still pretty early in my nursing career so I have much more to learn in regards to understanding my values and where I want to end up in my career. I will keep what I learned in this class in mind as I continue to grow in the nursing field.


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