An oceanic plate contains a row of extinct submarine volcanoes(seamounts) spaced at various distances from a currently active volcano. Assuming that this chain of volcanoes and seamounts represent a hot spot track, explain in words how the chain has formed. You do not need to draw any diagrams. (Guideline: up to 120 words.)

Advice on answering these questions:

Advice on answering this question.
This question is asking for an explanation of how a chain of volcanoes or seamounts has formed. The question is asking you to explain something, which means your answer should give reasons how or why something happens.
Remember for this question the guideline is a length of 120 words.
In this case, a well demonstrated answer would address the following points:
. What is a hot spot and how could it produce a volcano?
. How could a hot spot produce a chain of volcanoes or seamounts?
. What might happen to a volcano in such a chain over time?
. How might the chain of volcanoes or seamounts evolve over time?

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