The Tasks Your final submission in this course involves two pieces of work: · The final draft of your un-essay (20% – 800-1000 words) · An end-of-course reflection (5% – 400-500 words) based on a set of guiding questions Questions for the Reflection Below are five questions for you to reflect on as you wrap up this course. I want you to answer four of them and in the spirit of the un-essay, you can organize your answers in the way you feel is most effective, so long as they are composed in well-formed paragraphs and proper sentences. You are encouraged to use concepts from the course as you reflect on your learning experience. Most importantly, you are encouraged to use your own voice (including the first-person “I”). · How has this course shifted your perspective on critical thinking, reading, and writing? · What was the most enjoyable part of this course? · If you were in my role as the instructor for this course and had to teach it online, what would you do differently – why? (Be honest – I’m really want to know). · What are you most proud about in your final essay – be it in the product or the process that led up to it? · Were there any challenges that you had while working on this assignment and that you want me to keep in mind while I read your essay? Preparing the Final Submission for Upload Your work should be presented in APA format and for this assignment, I also want you to present your work through a single PDF document. Organize your work using the following sequence: · Cover page · Reflection · Un-essay · References Feel free to come up with an creative title to the reflection and/or the un-essay. Also, remember that you cannot write your reflection until you have finished un-essay. Let me know if you have any questions.

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