Using only the content from Week 1, argue points around all the following questions:


  1. 1.  What is “digital disbelonging”? Additionally, How do African Auntie videos on TikTok work as a form of healing? Use #AfricanAunties: Performing diasporic digital disbelongings on TikTok to form your argument/answer. [Note: The reading can be found in Module 1]
  3. 2. In the study Through a White lens: Black victimhood, visibility, and whiteness in the Black Lives Matter movement on TikTok, what does it mean to say that content creators and influencers imagined a white audience? What are the ramifications of this?
  5. 3.  How can content creators and influencers avoid leveraging the struggles of others for their own gain? [Use the same study as questions 2 to form your argument].


Develop your arguments as thoroughly as possible, defining all the main terms from class that you use. 

Use your own words whenever possible. 


You are permitted to bring examples from outside of the class, but remember that you are being marked on your ability to articulate arguments around the course material. 


Examples are specific cases to prove your argument. This Assignment will be your own original work.


It will be written as a formal essay and must be submitted as a Word document or PDF. 

About 4 pages (Max. 5) double-spaced. [APA FORMAT].


Do not go over the page limit. Additionally, include a works cited page.

Make sure to number all pages. 


The works cited page does not count in the page length, but you can number it in sequence.


Make sure to cite all material that you use. 


There is no title page needed. 


Please see the attached marking rubric for more details concerning how you will be evaluated.

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