Discussion Topic 1: Building a Budget: Which One for What?

There are four basic types of budgets that nurse executives at all levels use. Discuss each of the four types and how each applies to the business plan you are creating for the Unit 9 Assignment. Identify what key line items in each type of budget is important for your business plan and why.

Please include at least 3 references and subtitles to parahgraph using fiancé articles

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Discussion 2

Read the following article and view the video on the same case. How can this example be used as an illustration of maintaining patient safety and providing safe, effective care? Identify some of the possible barriers that nurses face when acting on what they believe to be the morally correct action in this particular case. (275-400 words)

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Professional Proposal

The discussion assignment for this week will be developing a professional proposal. Knowing your audience is important to creating the tone and format in your technical proposal. In this assignment, you will be reworking the draft proposal you developed for your instructor to submit to a potential project sponsor. Complete the following for this assignment:

  • Research the library and the Internet for information on suggested formats for a formal proposal to a project sponsor.
  • Select 1 of the researched formats, and rework your draft you created in the first week.
  • You will be posting this proposal to be critiqued by your peers in the Discussion Board.
  • Be sure to share the source of your format and why it is appropriate for this type of proposal.
  • Explain why knowing your audience was helpful in developing a professional proposal.

4-6 paragraphs, no cover pag, references,

This should be a reflection of last weeks discussion board assignment.

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