The reading for this class is “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader”, by James C. Hunter. You will read this book across the course of the semester, and in the last week of the course, using the principles in the book, reflect back on how Servant Leadership may have influenced some of the decisions you made in the Community Care Center over the past 4 months. As this book is your primary resource for this paper, you do not need to make a reference page. However if you draw from other websites or books, a reference page is required. If you quote the author in your paper, please cite it appropriately, giving him the credit. This paper will not exceed 3 pages in length in appropriate paragraph format. (1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman 12 and 1″ margins).

I have attached 5 scenarios for which I had to make decisions over the last 4 months. So that you have an idea of the decisions I have made in the Community Care Center and can use examples in the paper if necessary.

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