The purpose of this assignment is to acquaint you with the wide range of topics within the subfield of biological (physical) anthropology. Your task is to find an article (online or in print), outside of your textbook, that relates to biological anthropology. You might want to wait until you have finished Chapters 4 – 10 before choosing an article. These are the chapters that deal with topics within biological anthropology (human biological variation and adaptation, primatology and the fossil evidence for human evolution – paleoanthropology).

Grading Rubric

(Worth 25 pts.)

Your article summary should consist of:

·   One paragraph providing a detailed summary of your article:

–      appropriate article choice (5 pts.)

–      a detailed summary of the article and citation information (10 pts.)

·   One paragraph relating your article to biological anthropology:

–   discuss which aspect of biological anthropology your article relates to

     (5 pts.)

–   discuss why you chose this particular article – what you found

       interesting about it (5 pts.)

Make sure that you provide information about where you found the article (name and date of magazine, website address, etc.). You must provide citation (MLA or APA) information in order to earn credit for the assignment.

Finally – Save your document in Word (any version) and submit it to the appropriate Dropbox on D2L by the given deadline.

Criteria for grading:



Points Earned

Appropriate article choice


Detailed description of article


Citation (where you found the article)


Relates to course material (specific aspect(s) of anthropology)


Reason for choosing given



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