Topic: The Mental Health Parity and Addictions Equity Act – is it working to extend behavioral health and addictions services to populations needing care?

ACA Research Paper Proposal

It is a very short document (no more than 2 pages, plus a reference page) outlining the topic you want to consider including the major subtopics you anticipate covering. The proposal must include a reference page with at least 5 references, at least 3 of which are scholarly peer reviewed journal articles (must be in APA 6th edition) under consideration for the ACA paper.

Article Review

Select one of the scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles from the ACA Research Paper Proposal for your final paper. In your review, you should state the question(s) you plan to explore and provide an analysis based on the following: What are the author’s main points? What are some possible criticisms of him/her/them?What questions does it raise for further study? You must include a clear citation so that the instructor canretrieve it. The article review and ACA paper proposal/outline are due early in the term in order to allow forinstructor feedback and suggestions, on content and writing. The article review must include the following headings: Summary, Professional Critique, and Personal Response.

This assignment is divided to 3 parts. I only give you 2. the third one is the research paper. It would be very great if the same touter agree to do that for me but its not do until a month later so if you are interested on the topic, I’ll post the third one on a different question with separate price

3 things to consider:

– Please AVOID copying exactly from the internet.

– see the attach 2 files. I want you to follow the same instructions and requirements.

Some good journals to locate peer-reviewed journal articles for a research paper for this course are:

Health Affairs

The New England Journal of Medicine

Journal of the American Medical Association

Journal of Healthcare Management

The Gerontologist

The American Journal of Public Health

Journal of Ambulatory Care Management

Journal of the American Health Information Management Association

Kaiser Family Foundation (you need to cite the specific report)

Government websites such as NIH, CMS, DHHS, VA. (consult the librarian re. the correct way to cite these and format them on your reference page)

I think I gave you everything you need and I really want the quality to be high.


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