The following are questions that pertain to the thesis that I need to turn in ahead of time.

Identify and describe the research design that you plan to use for your research study. Describe any threat ot the validity of the design, as used in your study. Describe the method you plan to use to obtain the sample. Describe your population, sample, and setting. Discuss any limitations associated with your sampling method. Write the research question here first. Then, write out the answer to this response. Reflect and begin selecting and or designing tool. Consider how you will establish validity and reliability if the tool is self designed. 1. Measurement tool 2. Description of the tool 3. Established reliability and validity 4. Include scoring information. 5. Demographic tool. Hint: It is best for you to select a tool that already has validity and reliability already establish Plan for Data collection. Discuss any anticipated problems as well as strategy to overcome any data collection and management problems.

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