In the Unit 4 Seminar, you will delve into verbal communication, its elements and limitations, and how it is addressed by gender communities.

Please come to Seminar prepared to discuss the following:

  1. The author says that language is symbolic. What does this mean?
  2. How does your unique perspective influence how you perceive language?
  3. What ethical issues can you identify in how you communicate verbally?
  4. Explain the guidelines for improving verbal communication. Why are each important? Which do you need to work on improving?
  5. Does the material about gendered speech communities fit with your personal experience? Why or why not?

To earn Seminar credit for this unit, complete one of the following options: |

Option 1: Participate in a synchronous Seminar discussion. You are strongly encouraged to fulfill your Seminar requirement through this option if possible. Many students find the Seminar very helpful because the instructor will clarify information and your classmates may pose questions that you also have about the material.

Option 2: Complete the Option 2 alternative assignment by answering the Seminar topics. Your responses should be composed in complete sentences and paragraphs and be 300–400 words in length. You should create your Seminar responses in MS Word, making sure to follow APA format and cite all references used. Save your answers and submit them to the Unit 4: Seminar Dropbox. The Dropbox is located at the top of this class on the blue toolbar.

Be sure to complete all questions to earn your Seminar points. You are also strongly encouraged to review the Seminar transcript to gain the full educational benefit intended

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