Terms and Conditions

  • Placing an Order

    Placing an order is easy and convenient for all the clients. One is required to enter into the order page and fill the order form. I the order form, you will be required to provide your personal information which include your name, email address as well as your contact. Remember that this information should be correct and up to date. Once you fill the order form, you will be required to make payment of your order before any writer can be assigned your order. Remember that when filling the order form, you will also be required to provide all necessary material that will be helpful in the completion of your order. All information you provide here is protected by the privacy policy and will not be available to any other person.

  • Assigning of your Order

    Once we receive your order, we will look into and we will assign a writer who is an expert in the area. It is important to note that our writers are specialized and we ensure that we have assigned them the work they can comfortably handle.

  • Delivery Policy

    Delivery of the paper is done within the speculated time. Delay of the paper is not allowed unless prior communications are done. Failure to deliver the paper in time will result into the client raising claims on refund of money used for the order and could also result into termination of the writer. In case we feel that the time given b our client is not adequate, we will request for extra time to avoid inconveniences.

  • Quality, Ownership and Use of Paper

    The paper provided by our writers is of high quality and unique, that is, it is not plagiarized. We ensure that we give the best paper to our clients. Note that our papers are plagiarism checked before they are delivered to the client. In case the client needs a plagiarism check report, they should be provided with the report without any hesitation.

    Once the paper is delivered to the client, there is change in ownership from the company to the client. The client is hence the rightful owner of the paper but we still remain with the copyright of the product. That is, if our paper will be used for reference purposes in the future, it needs to be referenced appropriately. However, the paper cannot be used by any other person apart from you. It cannot also be used for any commercial purposes. If we realize or suspect that you are using our products for commercial purposes, we will terminate all contracts that with you even in future.

  • Revision Policy

    Free revisions are done on the clients’ request. Revisions requests are dine within the first 3 days after delivery has been done for short assignments and 14 days for the long assignments. If the client wants to change some information in the revision that was or wasn’t in the original order, they will be required to make a new order and pay the extra amount that will be charged. However, if revision is request after 3 or 14 days, then the client will be expected to pay a certain amount of money. If the revision is based on plagiarism, we request that the client shares with us the plagiarism report. Revisions can be done more than once.

  • Confidentiality

    It is important to note that neither the company nor the client is allowed to share any information concerning either. Therefore, no third party is entitled to any kind of information that we share.

  • What if I don’t like my paper?

    You should contact us immediately and provide us with the details relative to your dissatisfaction. We will be happy to revise and re-write until you are happy. As long as your request does not conflict with your original instructions to our writer.

  • Refund Claim

    If the client finds that the work they receive doesn’t satisfy them even after 5 rounds of revision, then they can contact the customer service provider giving detailed information on their dissatisfaction. The company will look into it and will refund the amount used.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Nursing term paper has a fulltime customer service that ensures that all questions and enquiries by the client are made. The customer service provider is also responsible in conveying all communication between the writer and the client. Hence direct communication between the writer and the client is against the policy of the company.

  • Privacy Policy?

    Nursing term paper has a privacy policy that is meant to govern and protect data that is provided by the client to the company. This policy will change from time to time to ensure smooth working between us and our clients. It is therefore important that the client reads through and keep checking if there are any changes.
    From time to time, we will require that our client shares with us certain personal information such as the name, email address etc. all this information is necessary for the use and access of our services. We believe that the information you share with us is meant for us only. We normally require the information to help us supply our product and services to our clients as well as ensuring that we have identified with you when you contact us. We use the information we get from you to contact you where necessary. All payments are handled by PayPal which is the only transacting company that will receive details on clients’ credit cards. We don’t take any information shared with us for granted; we are bound to protect it from leaking or from getting accessed by any other party. However, the company is not liable for any data that has leaked as a result of the client. It is therefore important to ensure that you also keep your accounts details remain protected at all time. In case we suspect something is wrong with your account, we will send an email to you and ask you to visit your account and possibly change your password.

  • Plagiarism Free Policy

    Nursing term paper ensures that all papers are written from scratch. It is important to note that every paper is unique and has been handled by the best writers who are experienced in the industry. We have emphasized on authenticity and all our writers understand how important your work is. To ensure that we have delivered plagiarism free papers, we receive the papers from the writer and run them through a plagiarism detecting software. If we encounter any form of plagiarism, we send the paper back to the writer who does a revision and sends the paper back to us. We check plagiarism once more and if its plagiarism free, we send it to the client. Our detecting software is maintained and we ensure that it is up to date.

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