Hi again can you help me to solve Problems 5.9 and 6.6 (skip the context drawing) from the attach book “SYSTEMS ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE”. ( please see the attach book)

Problems 5.9 and 6.6 (skip the context drawing).

5.9 Research the building of the tunnel under the English Channel in the late twentieth century.

(a) What risks were present with this project?

(b) What successful activities were undertaken to mitigate these risks that led to the tunnel ’ s completion?

6.6 Assume that you have a business in garden care equipment and are planning to develop one or two models of lawn tractors to serve suburban homeowners.Consider the needs of the majority of such potential customers and write at least six operational requirements that express these needs. Remember the qualities of good requirements as you do so.

*** note

– no need to write more than one sentence per each requirement.

– safety could be one of the requirement.

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