Literature Critique Guidelines

  • Paper must be typed using Microsoft word, 12pt. font, 1.5 spacing, at least 3-4pgs.
  • The following components should be a part of your paper review
    • Introduction
      • Overview of what the paper is about
      • State the objective of the project or research
      • State the contribution of the author to the research area (hint: check the literature review)
    • Methodology
      • Discuss methods used from the class in your own words.
    • Problem
      • Give a description of the problem the research or project is trying to solve.
    • Key Results
      • Pinpoint the key results of the study you may copy and paste graphs into the document to show what you are discussing.
    • Conclusion
      • Summarize what you learned from the paper and discuss future work to incorporate for the next project.

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