The Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a model based on the idea that groups of providers come together and take responsibility for delivering care to the patient. What are two ideas you have for ACOs to manage costs?

  • For example, describe what measures can be taken at each touch point of care that will ultimately improve outcomes while reducing the cost of care. Hint: The Joint Commission’s (TJC’s) ORYX Clinical Quality Accountability Measures are used by all hospitals in the U.S. to meet regulatory requirements and to earn hospital accreditation. Review the ORYX measures at and review the best practice for initial treatment of myocardial infarction (heart attack). 
  • Results of interventions and use of measures are available at
  • ACOs address cost reduction through various methods. Consider sites of care (e.g., nursing homes, rehab facilities, and home care), use of case managers and coaches, and ultimately the role of the patient. Also consider preventive medicine for at-risk patients (Buchbinder, 1, p. 254). 

• Discuss a current issue that has both legal and ethical ramifications (the right to die varies by state: legal to a felony, ethical; medical marijuana: legal and who can provide; right-to-try laws: more accepted than the right to die and who gets the organ transplant; and whether the reporting of child abuse is legal or ethical). Take a position and provide support for your response. Are there applicable laws to support your answer? (Buchbinder, 1, Chapter 15)

• Discuss how quality is measured in terms of structure, process, and outcomes within a health-care organization. For example, review the Baldrige Award criteria, and conduct research from credible journal articles. Go to to locate credible articles. In your opinion, what are the best three quality performance indicators for hospitals? Provide support for your position.

share your thoughts and opinions concerning how your views on health-care have changed and evolved in this week’s discussion.

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