Physician Use of Phrase “Patient Improving”

VI.F. Strategic and Organizational Management.  2.Understand the importance of healthcare policymaking as it relates to the healthcare delivery system (2)

Think critically-An HIM departmental review of physician progress notes determined that 90 percent of the physicians on staff use the phrase “patient improving” in progress note documentation. Write a Original Thread of 200-300 words from your perspective as an HIM professional describing why the use of this phrase is a concern and listing the specific steps you would take to help the medical staff improve documentation practices. Explain how you would evaluate the results of your efforts to induce change.  Apply the discussion rubric criteria.

Grading Guidance

Students should provide three distinct responses to the questions posed:

  1.  An explanation of why physicians’ use of the phrase “patient improving” in progress notes is a concern.

  2.  A list of the steps you would take to help physicians improve documentation practices. These steps should be specific and detailed.

  3.  Explain the resources you would use to evaluate the results of your initiative to induce change.

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