Abstract Writing

“Stanford Marshmallow Experiment” – Delayed Gratification in Children
Guidelines and Samples

Your abstract is a short description (250 words) of what you did and learned from your research project. It should be interesting, informative, and written for a broad audience. Don’t assume the reader knows why your work is significant. Format (Abstracts are limited to 250 words) Introduction

1 sentence placing the study in context and 1-2 sentences explicitly stating what the study investigated and why it was special. Body

1-3 sentences summing up the approach, or the most important methods used to investigate the problem Results and Discussion

1-3 sentences that summarize the MAJOR results and potential future applications. Summary

1 sentence that summarizes why your results are significant and perhaps what you will do in the future. Things to Avoid References to other literature References to figures or images Overuse of abbreviations or acronyms Repetition Including unnecessary or vague sentences

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