1)St. Vincent’s Hospital has a target capital structure of 35 percent debt and 65percent equity. Its cost of equity estimate is 13.5 percent and its cost of taxexemptdebt estimate is 7 percent. What is the hospital’s corporate cost ofcapital?2)Richmond Clinic has obtained the following estimates for its costs of debt andequity at various capital structures:Percent Debt After-Tax Cost of Debt Cost of Equity0% — 16.0 6.6% 17.040 7.8 19.060 10.2 22.0What is the firm’s optimal capital structure? (Hint: Calculate its corporate cost ofcapital at each structure. Also, note that data on component costs at alternativecapital structures are not reliable in real-world situations.)3)Morningside Nursing Home, a not-for-profit corporation, is estimating itscorporate cost of capital. Its tax-exempt debt currently requires an interest rateof 6.2 percent, and its target capital structure calls for 60 percent debt financingand 40 percent equity (fund capital) financing. Its estimated cost of equity is 16.4percent. What is Morningside’s corporate cost of capital?80 14.0 27.0

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