1. Brainstorm a list of topics related to squirrel behavior and life history
  2. Write a testable question that you can investigate through an observational study
    1. Do not attempt to physically handle the squirrels (no trapping or luring)
    2. Observe them in their natural settings
  3. Generate a hypothesis related to your research question
  4. Outline the procedure you will follow to investigate your research question
  5. Produce a data table to record your results
    1. Date and time of observation
    2. Area of observation
    3. Person doing the observation
    4. Observation data
    5. Anything else you think is important to the project
  6. Collect data by observing squirrels twice a week (30 minutes each) for at least 4 consecutive weeks
    1. Record your data in your data table
    2. Produce at least one graph of your results
    3. Take a photograph of the squirrels engaged in an activity related to your research (include a time stamp)
  7. Summarize and interpret your results
    1. Describe trends in the data
      • i.Explain your observations and trend evident in your graph
    2. Was your hypothesis supported or rejected? How do you know? Use your data and graphs to support your response
    3. What did you learn?
    4. Propose 2 follow-up questions related to your study that could be investigated, one experimental and one correlational
  8. Produce a lab report
    1. In the form of a traditional lab report
    2. Include:
      • i.Creative Title
      • ii.Research Question
      • iii.Hypothesis
      • iv.Procedures
      • v.Results
        1. Tables
        2. Graphs
        3. Two Photos
      • vi.Conclusion (#7: Summary of Results)


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