Skilled Nursing and Continuing Long-Term Care

Assignment Overview

Your neighbor Susan Jones calls you seeking advice concerning long term care decisions for her parents Stella and Anthony Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Hill are both retired. Mr. Hill is much older than his wife and has considerable limitations in his ability to function. He can not make it through the day without help. Mrs. Hill is in relatively good health.

They are thinking about selling their home and moving Mr. Hill into a Skilled Nursing Facility. Mrs. Hill will then move into a local continuing care retirement center. Susan knows nothing about health care delivery or long term care, and has some concerns about both of her parents. She asks you to provide her information about Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers, the advantages and disadvantages of Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers as well as information that would allow her to assist her parents with decision-making. What advice and information can you provide Susan?
Case Assignment

Use the information in the modular background readings as well as any resource you can find conducting research on the world wide web. Please be sure to cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of the paper.

The following terms will be assessed in particular:

Your understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers.
Your ability to apply your knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of Skilled Nursing Facilities and Continuing Care Retirement Centers to provide information to assist in the case scenario.

Assignment Expectations

You will be expected to provide a scholarly basis for your response.
Your opinions must be justified with evidence from the literature.
References should be cited properly in the text of your essay (either in parentheses or as footnotes), as well as at the end.
Please support your discussions with scholarly support (3-5 references). Be sure to properly cite all references.
Be sure to apply critical thinking skills to the assignment components stated above.
The page length for this assignment should be 3 pages (not counting title page and references). You should cite at least 3 references for your discussion. Be sure to properly cite all references both within the text (at the end of paraphrased paragraphs) and at the end of your paper.
Required Reading
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Optional Readings
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