1.    “Projection is the way in which we see our wants and desires residing in someone else. Basically, we see something we want in someone else, so we fantasize about it and eventually project our desires onto them. “What is interesting about this is that there is a fine line between what we fantasize about and how we act out our desires for those fantasies.  There are culturally acceptable ways to behave and then there are behaviors that are not acceptable.  The text discusses projecting good and bad impulses.  Is this something that a person can control?  Thoughts?

2.    We know that much of Klein’s work was around children.  Yet we also know that these defense mechanisms can easily be used in adulthood.  If you were the manager of a person that uses projective identification, how would you handle that person in a situation where he or she is not telling the truth?  Thoughts?

3.    A leader will provide the foundation for his or her subordinates to succeed – they have to trust.  However, there does not have to be a “personal relationship”.  Right?  Or do you think that a leader has to also establish a personal relationship?  thoughts?

4.    According to Maslow, what are the characteristics of self-actualizing people? Why are these characteristics important?

5.       What are the strengths of the humanistic theories in regard to their explanation of personality?

6.       What are the limitations of the humanistic theories in regard to their explanation of personality?

7.       What are the strengths and limitations of May’s existential theory in regard to their explanation of personality?

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