Please note that each and every assignment has its own word limit.

This assignment should be between 400 and 450 words. (The List of References should not be included in the word count.)

If you exceed the word limit on an assignment or if you do not meet the lower limit, your assignment will likely be returned to you for revision. There will be a 10% loss of your score for an assignment that had to be revised because the original version exceeded or failed to meet the word limit.

Application Assignment: International Financial Institutions

Nations that experience disasters face a difficult time rebuilding. International financial institutions (IFIs) help ensure market and financial stability on the world-stage by providing development loans to hard hit nations. Doing so also helps to maintain a delicate political balance. The World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a subsidiary of World Bank, are composed of member-states. Together these and other IFIs provide regular needed financial assistance during humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters.

For this assignment, review the media ShelterBox Disaster Relief, provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Then, consider how disasters impact the global economy. Think about the role of international financial institutions in disaster relief and recovery efforts.

The assignment: (2–3 pages)

  • Explain the role of international financial institutions in disaster relief and recovery efforts.
  • Explain how international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, might use their resources to stabilize economic uncertainty.
  • Explain whether or not the United States providing disaster assistance to other nations is important and why.

Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the Learning Resources for this course.

Assignment should be 400 to 450 ( 2 to 3 pages) words with at least five references…. MULTIPLE USE OF INTEXT CITATION AND PAGE NUMBER…TRY TO USE THE ASSIGNMENT READINGS IF POSSIBLE.

It is important that you cover all the topics identified in the assignment. Covering the topic does not mean mentioning the topic BUT presenting an explanation from the context of ethics and the readings for this class

To get maximum points you need to follow the requirements listed for this assignments 1) look at the page limits 2) review and follow APA rules 3) create subheadings to identify the key sections you are presenting and 4) Free from typographical and sentence construction errors.



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ShelterBox. (2010, November 3). ShelterBox disaster relief [Video file]. Retrieved from
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