Scientific Method – Dependent and Independent Variables

The purpose of this lab is to test the scientific method utilizing both dependent and independent variables in an experiment simulation. The simulation in this lab is drawn from actual processes enlisted in corn production around the world.

You will go to the following website:…

You will follow the instructions and work through the simulation as instructed in the lab.

As you perform the simulation, you will record your results in the table below .

Once you have completed the lab activity and the table, you will answer the remaining journal questions below. Please be sure to confer with your textbook and lecture notes.Please answer all questions in another color font.

Save your file and upload it into eCampus in the proper lab section for grading. Do NOT copy and paste it into the text box on eCampus.

Green Materials %

Brown Materials %

Water Concentration


Number of turns per month

Efficiency Rating: High, Medium or Low

Journal Questions:

  1. Determine the problem. State what you want to do.
  1. State a prediction you want to test.
  1. Test your hypothesis. How will you use the computer model to test your hypothesis? What steps will you follow? What data will you record? Be specific about which of the variables you will adjust and when.
  1. Draw a conclusion. Did the results of your experiment support your hypothesis?Why or why not?

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