Application: Relational Databases

As in any nursing specialization, bioinformatics and database design has its own pedagogy and vernacular. Terms such as primary key, relational diagram, or entity integrity might seem unfamiliar at first; however, this Assignment familiarizes you with such terms and develops your bioinformatics skills as you apply database concepts.

To prepare:

  • Review the information on relational database models in the course text, Coronal, C. & Morris, S. (2015). Database systems: Design, implementation, and management (11th ed.). Stamford, CT: Engage Learning..
  • Focus on the key terms listed at the end of Chapter 3.
  • Review how to create an entity relationship model.
  • Examine the information contained in Figure 3.17.To complete:
  • Answer questions 17–22 about database design found on pages 110 in the course text, which refer to Figure 3.17 on page 110. SEE ATTACHED FILE
  • Use the available templates for your responses.  

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