interview Request Letter


Dear __________,

I am enrolled in the BSHA program at University of Phoenix. I am currently enrolled in the Ethics: Health Care and Social Responsibility course. As part of the course assignments we are required to interview someone in a leadership position at my workplace or at a local health care facility.

For full transparency, please see the assignment instructions below:

Administrative Interview Assignment

Select someone in a leadership position at your workplace or at a local health care facility (e.g., pharmacy, medical office, nursing home, or health and wellness office) to interview. It could be a supervisor, manager, director, etc.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary that discusses the following:

·         Identify the person you interviewed and their position within the company.

·         Discuss what impact the organizational expectations (i.e., code of ethics or ethics code of conduct, mission, vision, and values) have on their decision making.

·         Discuss what impact their decision has on their colleagues and work environment.

A Note for the Interviewee: The information you provide will be used only for this assignment and any names will be changed.


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