I need literature review paper of liquid- liquid two-phase flow in microchannel.

The paper should consist the flowing

  1. Introduction: in this section the following should be described what is liquid- liquid two phase flow in microchannel and its application why it is important to study the flow behavior and pressure drop in microchannels, and what is going to be studied in this paper.
  2. Dimensionless number in liquid liquid two phase flow in microchannel: what are the dimensionless numbers their importance: for example Reynolds number, weber number, Poiseuille number…etc.
  3. Characteristics of microchannel flow: here the forces that effect the flow patterns in microchannels must be described , also why it is so important , what is the differences between the forces that affect the flow in large pipes compared to microchannel.
  4. Liquid liquid patterns regime in micrchannles: here a table should be done describing the studies that has been done on liquid- liquid flow patterns studies and what are the different flow patterns appeared in each study also the test section made of what and the channel size. also the full definition of the types of flow. For example annular, rivulet, disperse, slug…etc. furthermore, showing the different names that is given for a certain type of flow for example, slug could be called plug or segmented etc. All types of flow should be described and what are the conditions that each flow patterns can occur at. and at the end of this section a graph should be done shows the types of flow and its appearance at different dominated forces areas .
  5. Parameters affecting flow patterns regime in microchannels: here should describe in general why it’s important to study the following parameters and describe each parameters as follows
    1. flow orientation: full definition and studies included this parameter and what they found
    2. channel size: : full definition and studies included this parameter and what they found
    3. wettability: : full definition and studies included this parameter and what they found
    4. Inlet conditions: like flow rate, velocity etc.
    5. Fluid properties: the effect of fluid properties for example: density, viscosity, surface tension, interfacial tension, stability of the two liquids etc.
  6. Pressure drop in liquid-liquid two phase flow: why it is important to study the pressure drop, what can change the pressure drop readings, what cause the fluctuation in pressure drop. Also different pressure drop measurements and what can be done to predict the pressure drop in microchannels.
  7. Flow regime prediction: a predication of flow patterns must be made, how it is usually described for example at different Reynolds number, velocity, flow rate, and Weber number. With graphs describing the prediction.
  8. Conclusions.

All the needed references will be sent, also a review paper on other type of flow will be sent to follow the same track.

the references must be written in Harvard style, minimum 50 references must be used. The review must include at least 25 pages.

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