There are 2 steps to this assignment.

Step 1: Create Your Elevator Speech

It is important to be able to articulate who you are professionally. Refer back to your skills and goals analysis from Unit 1 to help you create an elevator speech of about 150–200 words.

Imagine that you are in an elevator, and the president of the company that you wish to work for enters. Because you are serious about your career, you consider this an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and give your elevator speech.

For this assignment, you will write out your elevator speech. Complete the Elevator Speech Worksheet to help you gather your thoughts and build your elevator speech.

Focus on the following:

  • Your accomplishments and strengths
  • Relevant skills and experience
  • What you are trying to “sell” or let others know about you professionally
  • Why you are interested in the company or industry the person represents
  • Education and professional goals

Once you have written your elevator speech, post it to the Discussion Board.

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