Research topic –  Exploration of stressful psychological and environmental factors among the patients in hospitals at Jeddah / Saudi ArabiaQualitative Research

I do the research all i need is previous researches in the same topic , questionnaire and References

In questionnaire ( Close answers and I will ) 

there will be 3 parts : 1- Personal information ( Age , Gender …. ) 

2- Environment stressful factors ( Light , Noise , Room temperature) 

3- psychological stressful factors (patient-nurse relationship, patient-relative relationship, patient-patient relationship, length of hospitalization) Age group: (aged between 18-50 years, divide them into two groups: early adulthood(20-40), middle adulthood 41-65 ) »» YOU WILL ADD MORE QUESTIONS INCLUDE TO THE TOPIC 

>> Type of the research proposal , so we do not need the answers of the questions only the questions without answers.  

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