Related and Independent t-Tests
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Research Methods and Data Analysis for Psychology.
Related and Independent t-Tests
For this Hand-in Assignment, refer to the part 3 of the SPSS workbook. The workbook provides several worked-out problems that serve as examples of how to perform the statistical analysis presented this week, followed by 4 problems in Part 3 that you must complete on your own and hand-in. (IBM SPSS Statistic viewer is required for this document).
Assignment question:
For each of the (4) studies described in Part 3 of the SPSS workbook:
• Specify the design of each study, what the dependent and independent variables are, and then perform the appropriate analysis.
• Report the findings in the standard notation, and state what the implications of your analysis are for the hypotheses.
• Use the information in the worked-out problems in the first part of your workbook as guidance on how to present your findings.
Support your Hand-in Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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