John Green, a 71-year-old patient, is being discharged from the rehabilitation unit 8 weeks after

an ischemic stroke. The patient’s spouse stated that they used to enjoy going to golf outings

with their friends, but the patient has not played golf since he had the stroke, and she does not

want to try to golf once her husband is discharged home because he has to use a walker and

can barely ambulate. She also states that her husband still has trouble speaking, and his short-

term memory is not very astute so it would be embarrassing to be on a golf outing with him.

The patient’s spouse has worn the same outfit to the rehabilitation unit the past 3 days, and the

nurse notices the patient’s hair is unkempt and his affect is flat. The rehab nurse has made

arrangements with the social worker for a physical therapist, speech therapist, and

occupational therapist to provide three sessions of therapy at the patient’s home for the next 4

weeks, and then a reevaluation will follow to determine if the patient will need further therapy.

The patient can sit independently, stand independently, and use a walker. The patient can

ambulate 30 feet with the walker, and then he requires a short rest before he is able to

ambulate another 30 feet. The patient slurs words occasionally and has hesitant speech. The

patient has problems with short-term speech.

Using this scenario create a nursing care plan, using the guidelines

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