1. What are the boundaries a nurse must take when using social media?


2. Explain what the policy where you currently practice states about social media?


3.  Provide an example of how social media may be effectively used by nurses to communicate with a mentor, or each other, or with patients?


4. Calculate the nursing care hours per patient-day (NCH/PPD) based upon the same number of patients (10) staying for 24 hours and during the 0700-1500 shift, 3 RNs and 1 nursing assistant (NA); 1500-2300 shift, 3 RNs; 2300-0700 shift, 2 RNs and 1NA. The formula is on p. 445 of your textbook in Figure 17.2 and the explanation is on pages 444-445.  How does the NCH/PPD formula compare to other workload measurement tools?

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