Length of paper 8‐10 pages excluding the title page and the reference page.
The sources cited both in text and on the reference page for this assignment will be formatted
according APA 6th edition guidelines.

A minimum of six (6) peer‐reviewed scholarly sources no more than 5 years old are required in support of the Evidence‐based
Capstone Evidence‐based Paper.

This assignment will be graded using the Capstone Evidence‐ based Paper Rubric available in Unit 6
of the course.


The student will be required to:

 Produce an 8‐10 page evidence‐based paper addressing a significant clinical issue
 Identify and explore a solution to a clinical issue
 Gather additional background information on:
o the clinical issue

o the patient population

Develop a plan that could be carried out by a nurse to resolve the clinical issue.

Reflect on the knowledge and experience gained in the nursing program

Draw from one of the four main categories of the NCLEX‐RN examination blueprint

o assurance of a safe and effective care environment,

o health promotion and maintenance of health,

o preservation of the patient’s psychosocial

o preservation of the patient’s physiological integrity

With the exception of the Introduction, each criterion listed below will serve as the major headings of this assignment due in Unit Six and will include the following:

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