3. Answer all 3 of the following questions. I don’t need an intro or conclusion. 
  4. Use your own words and answer in full sentences for every question. Point form will not be accepted. 
  5. These are not opinion questions. All of your answers must draw on class material and capture all elements of the major debates for each class and study. 
  6. Develop your answers thoroughly.
  7.  I understand that there will be some similarities as you will be drawing from the same studies in your answers, but anything more than minor similarities will be considered plagiarism. Additionally, you should be using your own words to develop your answers. 
  9. What I mean by this is that simply quoting a study or paraphrasing is not acceptable. Quoting or paraphrasing a study and then explaining in your own words is acceptable. 
  10. You will not earn any marks if the quote or paraphrase is longer than your own explanation. In this case, you will need to further develop your answer.
  12.  If you are quoting or paraphrasing, please use in-text citations and provide a Works Cited at the end. This Works Cited can be at the end of each question or at the end of the entire paper. 
  14. Please submit as a Word document . You can use the same format as the Assignments. 
  15. There is no word count for each answer, but make sure you are clear and precise. Generally speaking, you should be writing about a page single-spaced for the longer answer.
  18. Questions
  20. 1. What was found in Sexy, strong, and secondary: A content analysis of female characters in video games across 31 Years study? Discuss what the time blocks tell us about representation in video/digital games. [8 marks]
  22. 2. If designers aren’t inherently racist, how do racist depictions still show up in video/digital games? Additionally, what is the difference between perceived makeup of a market and the actual market? How does this difference of perceived and actual impact representations in video/digital games? [6 marks] Use Professional norms and race in the North American video game industry to form your answer.
  24. 3. How is trash talk a practice of boundary making that reproduces racism and sexism? Use The meanings of racist and sexist trash talk for men of colour: A cultural cociological approach to studying gaming culture to form your answer. [6 marks]
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