For the final assignment in NR 443: Community Health Nursing, you will need to utilize a qualitative or
quantitative evaluation method to evaluate your proposed intervention.
• interviewsQualitative evaluation techniques generally are subjective data and can include methods such as:
• observation methods
• focus groups
• other non-statistical data
If your proposed intervention is relatedto childhood obesity, you may want to interview the children
pre and post intervention to see if their attitude about food and health has changed. This would be a
qualitative evaluation method.
For the same intervention, you want to have a focus group with pre and post intervention with parents
to see if their children’s attitudes about food have changed. This would be a qualitative evaluation
Quantitative evaluation techniques generally are objective data and can include methods such as:
• surveys/questionnaires
• pre/posttests
• physiologic data
• statistical analysis
Your proposed intervention is the same as the example above, but instead of an interview, you would
like to measure the children’s weight pre and post your intervention. This would be a quantitative
evaluation method.
Another example of a quantitative evaluation method would be having a pre and posttest on healthy
foods and importance of exercise. You would compare the pre intervention test results with the post to
measure if your intervention was effective.

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