My choice of technology was 3D print

This course is not just about critically analyzing the technology designed by others. You will also use the material you have learned this semester to innovate and design a new technology of your own. You will write a 7-10 page (typed, double-spaced) paper outlining your proposal for this new piece of technology. This technology must reflect an application of at least one of the psychological principles/theories we discussed in class or a principle/theory that you have researched on your own. This product can be an improvement to a current technology, or an entirely novel technology.

 Fogg, B. J. (2003). Persuasive technology: Using computers to change what we think and do. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann.

Use the following framework for your paper:

  1. A cover page

  2. An introductory paragraph stating the main idea or purpose of your paper

  3. A description of the problem addressed by your product

  4. A written description of the design of your product

  5. A diagrammatic illustration (either hand-drawn or computer-generated) of your product

  6. A description of the psychological principle/theory that you applied in the design of your


  7. An explanation of how you have designed your product with a human user in mind. Also

    explain possible risks to the user that have taken into account.

  8. An explanation of how you will measure the utility of your technology.

  9. An explanation of the societal value and impact of this new technology. Explain any

    ethical concerns that might arise from your technology.

  10. A conclusion that summarizes your product

  11. A list of references used in your paper. (You must use at least three peer reviewed journal

    articles to support your paper.) 

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