Students will write a 2-3 page paper (individually; double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman, 1-inch margins) summarizing their empirical articles they read on the topic, outlining their theory they used to inform their intervention or ad campaign, and describing every aspect of their intervention/campaign in detail and why they chose to use that particular approach. Every feature of the intervention/campaign should be supported with information derived from the health psychology textbook or related empirical. 


Consuming alcohol is quite common in college aged young adults, particularly those who attend a college or university. However, much of this consumption is associated with illegal activity, such as consumption or possession by minors (18-20 year olds), drunk driving, public intoxication, vandalism, and rape. While not all drinking is associated with crime, often heavy drinking and binge drinking (problem drinking) are at a higher likelihood. Develop an intervention you would use to reduce or eliminate “problem drinking.” What theory would support your intervention? What do empirical articles say about college drinking and associated behaviors? What might explain these drinking behaviors and what other problems might underlie “problem drinking?”

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