Choose one assignment.  This assigment must be in APA formatting as well as 3-4 pages long!

Choice 1:

Assignment: Part of understanding the mind-body connection is to understand the processes and relationships between the physical and psychological states of a human being.  Understanding this connection leads us to the nature versus nurture debate. 

  • What is the nervous system, and how do the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral nervous system (PNS) work together to coordinate the body’s activities?  
  • How does the endocrine system influence behavior?  
  • How does heredity impact individual behavior?  
  • How do one’s environment and the social influences around them influence behavior?  
  • Which do you believe provides the stronger influence on behavior: nature (genetics) or nurture (environment)?  Explain why.  

Please base your essay on Unit 1 course content, textbook, experience, and quality Internet materials.  Be sure to appropriately cite your resources.

Please submit your assignment. 


Choice 2:

Assignment: You are chairing a committee at work that has been tasked with developing a “healthy mind and healthy body” seminar for employees. Management has asked that you discuss your topics and plans for the seminar including a copy of the informational flyer (poster) you will post in the break room for employees. 

I. Topics to be covered include the following:

  • how the mind and body work together  
  • what research tells us about how an unhealthy mind and body can impact behavior at work  
  • the dangers of internalizing stress  
  • the physical and emotional benefits of keeping discrimination and prejudice out of the workplace  
  • ideas and strategies for keeping the workplace happy and healthy  

II. Your flyer (poster) should accompany the discussion of your topics and should be informative and inviting.

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