1-Soy protein isolate (SPI) is prepared from soybeans by an alkaline extraction procedure. For food functionality applications, in practice, protein hydrolysates prepared from SPI using alcalase enzyme is used. Critically discuss the use of SPI and SPI hydrolysates (SPI hydrolyzed by alcalase) in emulsified and meat products with one example for each.

2-Edible films can be produced with soy proteins. Using protein chemistry of soybean, discuss how you would prevent the migrations of tomato sauce into the crust of pizza. How will you make drug capsules from SPI that can help in the immediate and delayed release of drugs in the GI environment (Chemistry required)?

3-A piece of fresh meat (red color) turned brown on keeping. Explain this observation with the chemistry and structure of the pigment involved.

4-Contractile proteins myosin and actin are involved in the contraction of muscles. Explain how this process takes place in living tissue, and the role of calcium divalent cations in this process.

5-Iron deficiency anemia is a problem in developing countries. Leafy greens are rich in iron. Though these people consume leafy greens, the iron deficiency anemia persists. Can you use peptides as a vehicle to deliver iron? Would this be a better source of iron than leafy greens? Discuss and, justify.

6-What is the significance of the age of meat on the product quality and product cost on boneless meat and bone in marinated meat products?

7-One of the steps for protein engineering is molecular modeling. How would this help in the enhancement of functional properties?

8-What do your for-see as the hurdles in genetic engineering to cure chronic diseases like cancer for the 21st century? Discuss.

9-As a protein Chemist you have been challenged to overproduce a bioactive peptide (isolated from an unconventional source of protein) for commercial pharmaceutical application. Describe in detail with sub-tiltles the approach you would take to produce this peptide. What are the challenges, and how will you overcome these challenges while you develop this technology?

10-What approach would you take to release bioactive peptides from a food source? What are the advantages of pre-treating a protein with alcalase prior to digestion by pepsin and trypsin?

11-How has the learning in this class helped you to understand and learn protein chemistry, functionality, mechanisms, and modeling at an advanced level to solve problems with a practical approach? State an existing protein-related problem of your choice and creatively outline the approaches that you will take to solve with a practical approach?

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